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Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy in Mississauga – Etobicoke

If you are facing bankruptcy in Mississauga or Etobicoke, we can help. David Sklar & Associates, Trustee in Bankruptcy serving Mississauga, Etobicoke and the entire Greater Toronto Area – has helped thousands of people get out of debt and get a fresh financial start.

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Because making an informed decision regarding bankruptcy is essential, our Licensed Debt Professionals™ provide a free, no-obligation initial consultation – where we will review your financial situation and discuss all of your solutions (yes, even the ones we do not provide services for).

To book your free consultation at our Mississauga / Etobicoke office or any of our 6 Greater Toronto Area offices, call 905-566-7905 – or fill in our online Quick Assessment Form.


Mississauga – Etobicoke Office Location:
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L5A 3V8
Phone: 905-566-7905
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What to Expect During Your Free Consultation

During your free consultation, our caring professionals will review your finances in detail – and discuss all of your options.

If bankruptcy is the best option, we will let you know – but, whenever possible, we will try to find a way to get you out of debt without bankruptcy.

Your options for getting out of debt depend largely on your financial situation.

If your finances are not too severe, we might be able to identify options such as budgeting, non-profit debt management programs, and debt consolidation.

Even if your finances are in serious trouble, you might qualify for government-regulated debt reduction programs such as consumer proposals and division 1 proposals – that will help you avoid bankruptcy.

Consumer Proposals & Division 1 Proposals – Avoiding Bankruptcy Mississauga / Etobicoke

A little-know section of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act allows for a process known as a consumer proposal. It enables qualified people to avoid bankruptcy, pay a portion of their debt and keep their assets.

A division 1 proposal is similar to a consumer proposal, but it is for a business with any levels of unsecured debt and individuals who owe $250,000 or more in debt (not including the mortgage on their main residence).

Our Licensed Debt Professionals™ will review these options with you in detail during your consultation.

Debt Consolidation Help in Mississauga – Etobicoke

With debt consolidation you are replacing multiple unsecured loans into one payment per month. You can go with a private lender, a bank, a debt management program or select debt relief with a consumer proposal.

Consider all options regarding Debt Consolidation loans. Learn the facts on Debt Consolidation and review the risks involved. Find out what is the best option for you.

Why Consult With a Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy?

Trustees in bankruptcy are licensed and regulated by the Canadian federal government and are the only ones allowed to file bankruptcy and proposals.

To book your free consultation at the David Sklar & Associates, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Mississauga / Etobicoke office or any of our 6 GTA offices call 905-566-7905.


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Laszlo Hamori
Laszlo Hamori
19:32 18 Feb 18
Good afternoon, I had the pleasure of being helped by Rhoda Lewis out of the Mississauga office of David Sklar & Associates! I was in a Financal Rabbit Hole and feeling helpless, lost, and desperately seeking help! Rhoda right away made me feel comfortable and showed empathy towards my plight! Especially like most of the people who walk through their doors, I felt embarrassed about my situation. She took the time to get to know "me" and of course took a total history of everything that she required to assist me. She kept on giving me positive reassurances! She was great at deciphering the Accounting and Financial lingo for me, and also made me a coffee! She is the perfect mix of being both an understanding and down to earth person (with a heart), as well as being a polished Business Professional! She also followed up on me and checked out if I was doing OK! So, I would whole-heartedly recommend Rhoda and David Sklar & Associates to anyone seeking financial help and a peace of mind! Many thanks to Rhoda and to David Sklar and Associates! Sincerely, Leslie
Hera Hera
Hera Hera
22:47 08 Feb 18
I recommend David Sklar & Associates to anybody who is in drowning in debt. The customer service and mannerism are on a professional and caring level. I can honestly vouch, he/she will not be disappointing. The client (like myself) is educated on these matters and any questions asked, will not be overlooked. Rhoda is a great asset to the company, and I cannot be more thankful and relieved, and alleviated from stress of mounting debt. I give 5+ stars for outstanding service and help. Regards: M.H.
Jack Carter
Jack Carter
14:17 03 Feb 18
Rhoda Lewis is a very professional and knowledgeable consultant and helped and calmed us immensely. Rhoda takes charge of the situation and gently walks you through the process with confidence. Thank you Rhoda for your assistance and support.
Lucas Giraldo
Lucas Giraldo
23:39 02 Feb 18
Rhoda is such a great person! She listened and helped me out so much. The entire process was incredibly smooth and we were done before I knew it. I didn't expect how simple the whole thing turned out to be!
Balaji Chandran
Balaji Chandran
04:37 20 Dec 17
Rhoda is the best in customer service and fast acting with our request on the same day or within 24 hours the max. I will recommend her service in David Sklar and associates with my friends and relatives for sure.
Stephen Aps
Stephen Aps
02:01 20 Dec 17
Rhoda was fantastic and showed empathy. She was patient and very encouraging. Karol was also great. This is a brand new process for me and it can be scary. Having the right support from the right people is very important. I felt comfortable and I am much more confident moving forward. I highly recommend the services and the people. Looking forward to the future. Thanks!
lorraine de medeiros
lorraine de medeiros
14:35 08 Nov 17
I first want to start off by saying Rhoda Lewis is a hard working person who is so dedicated to her job & works long hours to make sure she can meet with her clients after hours!!! She has such a great personality & makes you feel comfortable as if you have known her for years!!! We can’ t thank you enough for helping us through this tough time in our lives!!! I would recommend Rhonda to anyone who needs financial assistance like we did!!! Thank you David Sklar & Associates for first of all hiring Rhoda Lewis & for all you do in helping people in financial debt & for advertising on CP24!!!! God Bless you all!!!😊
Evelyn Hertzog
Evelyn Hertzog
20:32 25 Oct 17
I first me Rhoda Lewis early this year and felt immediately comfortable with her. She takes the time to sit and listen to your financial issues and makes informative and extremely helpful suggestions on how to best assist you. I do not feel like a number when speaking or meeting with her but it is as if I am with a friend who is there to help me through the problem. Rhoda takes the time to explain each step of the process in detail and listens to your concerns. I have worked in the insolvency field in the past and honestly wish that I had worked with counsellors such as herself as I feel she is a person who cares for her job and the individuals she is helping.
Edward Del Rosario
Edward Del Rosario
12:55 23 Oct 17
Rhoda was amazing to work with. She was polite, understanding and dealt with issues in a very quick and timely fashion. The entire process for my Consumer Proposal was quick and Rhoda handled my needs diligently and explained everything to me along the way. I was struggling financially for years, and Rhoda helped consolidate my debt into a lesser and more manageable amount by working with my creditors. In 3 years I will be completely debt free! I highly recommend this service and Rhoda was amazing to work with.
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