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If you are thinking about declaring bankruptcy in Toronto – West, the Licensed Debt Professionals™ at David Sklar & Associates can help.

Since 1997, we have helped thousands of people in the Greater Toronto Area get rid of their crippling debt and build better financial futures.

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At the David Sklar & Associates, Trustees in Bankruptcy Toronto – West office – our Licensed Debt Professionals™ will help you discover what your debt solution options are. They will give you the knowledge that you need to make the best decision for your situation.

We offer a free, no-obligation, professional consultation at all of our 6 Greater Toronto Area Offices. Call 416-667-1507 to book your free consultation today – or fast track by completing our online Quick Assessment Form.

In addition to our Toronto – West office at 1280 Finch Avenue West, we offer a second office in Toronto – West at 245 Fairview Mall Drive.


Toronto – West Office Location:
(Finch & Keele – nearest main intersection – Downsview)
Suite 406, 1280 Finch Avenue West (at Keele),
North York, Ontario
M3J 3K6
Phone: 416-667-1507
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  • Bus
  • Paid Parking – 1280 Finch Avenue West


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Your Free Consultation

During your free professional and confidential consultation, we will review your financial situation in detail and discuss all of your options.

Bankruptcy is not the only choice that may be available to you – and you owe it to yourself to find out about all of your options.

If your finances can not be repaired by budgeting, debt management programs, or debt consolidation – then you may be eligible for government-regulated alternatives to bankruptcy that will get rid of your debt.

Consumer Proposals & Division 1 Proposals – Avoiding Bankruptcy Toronto – West

The same law that governs bankruptcy in Canada offers two less well-know options called consumer proposals and division 1 proposals.

A consumer proposal is a legally binding agreement between you and your unsecured creditors where you repay a portion of your unsecured debt over a period of up to 5 years. At the end of those 5 years, if you have honoured all the conditions of your proposal, you will be released from the unsecured debt covered in your proposal.

During the consumer proposal, your unsecured creditors will stop all collection efforts, discontinue charging interest and halt any legal actions against you.

A division 1 proposal (which is similar to a consumer proposal), is for business who owe any amount of unsecured debt and individuals who owe over $250,000 in debt (not including the mortgage on their main home).

Debt Consolidation in Toronto – West

Debt consolidation is replacing multiple unsecured debts into one payment. Some options are available with debt consolidation. You can choose to go with a private lender, a bank, a Debt Management Program or choose debt relief with a consumer proposal.

Consider all options with Debt Consolidation loans. Learn the facts about Debt Consolidation loans as they should not be entered into lightly without knowing all the risks involved.

Why Use a Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy?

In Canada – only trustees in bankruptcy are licensed to file bankruptcies and proposals. Trustees earn their licenses through years of study, training and testing. The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy regulates and monitors trustees, ensuring the highest levels of competency and adherence to strict codes of conduct.

To book your free consultation at the David Sklar & Associates, (Licensed Insolvency Trustees), North York West office or any of our 6 GTA offices call 416-667-1507.


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lindy woods
lindy woods
19:52 05 Feb 18
Ashley has been so knowledgeable and thorough about my financial issues. Great personality, well seasoned, easy to talk to, compassionate and very full of hope.
barbee diaz
barbee diaz
17:37 24 Jan 18
The experience I had with David Sklar & Associates is very empowering. I met Ms. Ashley Carter she took care of my case and she did a great job! Very detail oriented, made me feel very welcome. Giving me good advice about my future finances gives me a sense of hope to get back on track, soon. Thank you for all your help and support!
Abdul Noor Nasir
Abdul Noor Nasir
01:41 13 Jan 18
Ashley carter is a wonderful lady. She is always out to help people. She supported us and explained the options we have in our particular circumstances. I feel very safe and secure after speaking with her. She responds clearly and quickly and is always sympathetic and helpful. Thanks Ashley
Jeff Straus
Jeff Straus
22:06 09 Dec 17
I'm at ease now that Ashley, from David Solar and associates,helped me find a debt solution best suited to my needs. I would recommend speaking to Ashley. I'm sure that she would be able to you to. J.
michael padmore
michael padmore
16:33 07 Dec 17
David Sklar&Associates to me is the only company I would recommend, to help you out with you're debt problems. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reading so many good reviews, seeing the commercials, seeing that they had multiple locations it was very easy for me to go in and see if they could help me. I met with Ashley and she is amazing, very approachable and couldn't be anymore clear with explaining everything to me. Within 35 minutes everything was explained to me, no rush no pressure. Ashley explained everything to me, I asked a lot of questions and all of my qusstions were answered without any confusion. I have already recommended them to one of my friends. With staff like Ashley it is very easy and fast to be informed and put in the right direction about any debt situation.
Hemant Bunsee
Hemant Bunsee
00:16 23 Oct 17
It was a pleasure to work with Ashley of David Sklar & Associates Inc. Because of Ashley and her team, I am debt free, being a Father to my kids and a husband to my wife. I no longer have to think about my debts while having a conversation at home or at work. Today I live, smile with confidence. Thank you Ashley for your professional advice and making it a very comfortable experience for me.
Courtney Pryce
Courtney Pryce
16:21 20 Oct 17
Piece of mind is all I can say. I walked in to David Sklar with no where else to turn. Ashley's comforting way of assuring me that everything would get back on track with my financial status really put me at ease. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her and David Sklar and Associates. Keep up the fantastic work Ashley :)
Raju Verma
Raju Verma
22:40 15 Oct 17
Hi, I was going through a tough situation in January 2017 both financially and personally when I walked into the David Sklar office at 1280 Finch Avenue West. There I met Ashley for the first time and we discussed our options. Over the last 9 months she has been a rock of support and now I am in a much better place. I would highly recommend Ashley Carter and David Sklar & Associates Inc. for all your financial issues where a fresh start is needed. Thank you so much and keep helping others too !!!
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