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Corporate Bankruptcy & Proposal Services

Some of the Division 1 / Corporate Proposal services we offer include:

  • Analysis of current debt problems and their sources
  • Identification of possible solutions and their ramifications
  • Assistance in the creation of Division I Proposals
  • Filling of Proposals with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
  • Acting as intermediary between the insolvent company and their creditors
  • Developing and implementing restructuring tracking
  • Negotiating debt and interest concessions from creditors
  • Administration of Proposals and the conditions of the Proposals

Where a Corporate Bankruptcy is the only viable solution, we will complete all the duties of a Bankruptcy Trustee ensuring an accurate, efficient and fast distribution of the bankrupt company’s assets to its creditors – as well as facilitating a ‘fresh start’ for the company’s principles.

Corporate Inquiries

If your business is experiencing serious financial problems, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Many bankrupt companies could have avoided Bankruptcy if they had contacted us sooner. David Sklar & Associates  offers a Confidential & Free Initial Consultation, where we will review your current corporate financial situation – and work with you to find and implement the best solution. Call 416-498-9200 to book your Free Consultation with the Corporate Insolvency experts at David Sklar & Associates.